The Project

My  dissertation project is at the intersection of collaborative archaeologies (particularly ethnographic archaeology, as described below), work on the funding conditions in anthropology over time, and social network analysis. The data of this project is the existing scholarship in collaborative archaeologies, methodologies that are meant to transform the process of archaeological research by involving people from outside the discipline. I will build on this literature by doing a systematic analysis of who, what, and when this type of approach was presented publicly. My work will make concrete the conditions in which collaborative archaeologies developed.

Update! As with most long-term research projects, my dissertation has shifted a bit from the original plan. After conducting initial research I have decided that a Social Network Analysis approach is no longer feasible for the data I had accrued for this project. A multiple case study approach fits the research questions better. I am happy to share more info if you are curious, but for now, I am focusing my writing on the dissertation document itself!

I am committed to approaching this work in a thoughtful way which respects the privacy concerns of all participants in archaeological research, including the institutions which fund it.

I am always happy to hear from others studying similar topics, and welcome suggestions of projects to include in my research!¬†If you have suggestions of projects or sources I should look at, I’d love to hear from you. I made a form for just this purpose!