Academic writing month

Coming up in the next couple weeks is academic writing month (#acwrimo) a spinoff of National novel writing month (#nanowrimo) hosted by PhD2Published. Last year my colleague Dr. Donna Yates started an open spreadsheet for heritage and archaeology folks so we could form a sort of support group. Being that I was in a strange and liminal phase of my research I didn’t keep up with Donna and a a few others who were on the academic job market at the time. This year, though, I am mid-dissertation and ready to bust out the big guns!

Here’s what I want to complete this November, all related to my dissertation:
– IRB proposal for my dissertation
– first case study report completed
– finish methods chapter draft
– draft of literature review about public and collaborative archaeology
– draft design plan for online exhibit
– Bonus: clean up language of that one article and submit it already

Anyone want to join me? What do you have to finish?

Update: With Donna’s help I set up a micro version of acwrimo for archaeology/heritage/anthropology/anybody who wants to join us. We have a nice little community and a spreadsheet to track our progress. We are using hashtag #archwrimo.

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