#acwrimo goals

I suppose this is when I give up after 3 days trying to avoid committing myself to Academic Writing Month and establish some goals for myself. I can’t resist! (That and I am unlikely to benefit at all from ‘no shave november’ or ‘novel writing month’ since I have neither facial hair nor any ability to write fiction.)

My AcWriMo goals:

1. Finish fetching published works from academia.edu and key documents I’ve produced for that portion of my dissertation database.

2. Post that version the database in multiple formats here and on academia.edu (eventually on my website).

3. Self-teach converting the references and feeding them into social network analysis software Ucinet – I’d like to have some facility with this by December!

4. Gather and organize all the relevant documents according to what chapter of my dissertation they are going to end up in.

5. Read a particular long-abandoned article and decide once and for all whether or not to finish it for submission to a journal. If yes, rip it apart and attempt to finish before December.


You’ll notice none of these are actually writing, per se, but are all important tasks I need to do to progress in my work.

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