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Planning ahead for the archaeology conference gauntlet

I was planning and writing my time at the upcoming SAA (‪#‎saa2016‬) conference and started making two documents, one with digital archaeology stuff and one with public archaeology stuff. I decided that I’d make a copy publicly editable. Hopefully this will be a nice addition to the conference program for my […]

Social media at conferences: Beyond live-tweeting

As the activities of this year’s Social Media Task Group (a focus group within the Public Archaeology Interest Group of the Society for American Archaeology – a mouthful, I know!) wrap up, I have been sharing some of the fruits of our labor, such as this Social Media Guide to the […]

Loading a tablet for archaeology fieldwork

As you might know from my presence on Twitter and moderating Facebook presences for the SAA Public Archaeology Interest Group, World Archaeological Congress Student Committee, Community Archaeology Program, and Binghamton University Archaeological Field School, I am no stranger to using mobile devices to promote archaeology. My phone has been my best friend in […]