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What the heck have I been working on anyway?

Well, internet, I asked on Twitter what I should write my semi-regular blog post about, and half of the people who responded said they wanted to hear some preliminary insights from my dissertation.   Hey frands, if I were to write a blog post this weekend which of these would […]

Planning ahead for the archaeology conference gauntlet

I was planning and writing my time at the upcoming SAA (‪#‎saa2016‬) conference and started making two documents, one with digital archaeology stuff and one with public archaeology stuff. I decided that I’d make a copy publicly editable. Hopefully this will be a nice addition to the conference program for my […]

Disconnectedness is our shared challenge

Archaeology is what brings us together today for #blogarch. But what is your day job? Like, how do you put food on your table? There are so many job titles for people who identify as archaeologists. Field Technician. Professor. Museum curator. Digital archaeologist. Research scientist. Adjunct professor. Project director. Historical […]

#pubarch session at 2016 SAA

Title: Assessing Outcomes in Public Archaeology: Imperatives, Perils, and Frameworks Sponsored by the SAA Public Archaeology Interest Group Organizer: Kate Ellenberger (Binghamton University)   ABSTRACT: Public archaeology is an important means of advocacy and ethical practice for many archaeologists. In planning and seeking funding for such work, archaeologists consider the […]