Planning ahead for the archaeology conference gauntlet

I was planning and writing my time at the upcoming SAA (‪#‎saa2016‬) conference and started making two documents, one with digital archaeology stuff and one with public archaeology stuff. I decided that I’d make a copy publicly editable. Hopefully this will be a nice addition to the conference program for my colleagues, too. (The app in past years does not allow you to schedule individual papers on your agenda so I am particularly interested in catching those which are not in sessions explicitly set aside for public and digital archaeology.)

Please add anything you think is appropriate, ideally in the same format.

I am sure I’ve missed some things, especially since I have not done a closer scan for individual presentations yet!

You can edit these spreadsheets below or visit them at Google Docs:
Public Archaeology at SAA 2016 – Google Docs
Digital Archaeology at SAA 2016 – Google Docs

Public archaeology

[gdoc key=”” ]



Digital archaeology

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