#pubarch session at 2016 SAA

Title: Assessing Outcomes in Public Archaeology: Imperatives, Perils, and Frameworks

Sponsored by the SAA Public Archaeology Interest Group

Organizer: Kate Ellenberger (Binghamton University)



Public archaeology is an important means of advocacy and ethical practice for many archaeologists. In planning and seeking funding for such work, archaeologists consider the specific sociopolitical circumstances of their research area, including how they can assess the outcomes of their projects. Because public outreach and community-engaged practice is so context-specific, evaluation of public archaeology has not been a major topic of discussion. How and when is it appropriate to “evaluate”? And how is evaluation entangled with theoretical and ethical concerns about the role of archaeologists in society?

This session is dedicated to drawing together ideas and proposals surrounding evaluation in public archaeology.

Topics can include:

  • Examples of process and outcome assessment within and between public projects
  • The ethical dimensions of assessment
  • Theory and practice-driven discussions of how assessment functions within public archaeology projects and outreach efforts
  • Proposed tools for assessing the broader impact of engaging non-archaeologists in archaeological work


If you are interested in submitting, please comment here, contact me via email (kate.ellenberger @ gmail.com), or Tweet me (@precatlady) so I can send you an invitation using the SAA conference tool!

September 10th is the deadline for submissions – we’d love to hear from you ASAP!

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