Lesson Plans

Archaeology Lessons I Regularly Teach:

  • Artifact Classification and Assumptions about the Past
  • Pottery Mending and Sample Size
  • Garbology Lite
  • Experimental Archaeology (Hunting & textiles versions)
  • Pottery Surface Decoration and Identity
  • Archaeology Trivial Pursuit
  • Atari: Game Over Movie / Archaeology in the Media
  • Mystery Artifact
  • Material Type Observation
  • Representation, Art, and Archaeology
  • Interpreting Stratigraphy
  • Archaeological Sampling (Pedestrian survey & classroom versions)
  • Pseudoarchaeology and Communicating Archaeology to the Public (Lesson for university students or dedicated avocational archaeologists)


Classroom Archaeology Lessons I Recommend:


Online Archaeology Exhibits, Videos, and Websites:


Resources for Developing Public Archaeology Skills and Lessons:



I have collected several boards full of public archaeology lesson ideas on the Pinterest page for my business (Heritech Consulting) as well, although I consider that a venue for collecting ideas to create my own lessons to meet the educational needs of my students / participants, and I recommend carefully examining materials you find there.