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As part of my first stage of dissertation work, I worked on a bibliography of published public archaeology literature. I started with an excellent bibliography of public archaeology works coordinated by Dr. Carol McDavid, Dr. Chris Matthews, Dr. Patrice Jeppson, and their colleagues through a Wenner Gren workshop grant. The condition of my using this work has been that I make this content available to others engaged in public archaeology. Although I will not share the original (that is for Dr. McDavid and her co-authors to choose), on this page I will post digital copies of the versions of this bibliography I’ve created through systematic review, content coding, and surveying related scholarly publications.  I plan to perform maintenance on my version every few years and I welcome additions to this list!

If you’d like to request a different format of this document for your use, please email me. I’m working on making this editable and annotatable directly rather than providing files for people to download, and of course making it easier to update.

Right now the only dynamically updated version I have online is this bibliography in Chicago format which dynamically updates from a Zotero collection. I am working on making that more searchable, annotate-able, and generally attractive, for now. (Note in June 2018: This may or may not be working right now as I am adjusting my Zotero collections this summer!)


Static versions of the public archaeology bibliography for download:

Bibliography in a spreadsheet (in progress):

Zipped .bib file (64 kb, export from Mendeley, includes annotations by various authors):  PubArch-11-30-2014

Zipped .csv file (46 kb, no annotations): Pubarch-1-18-2015-csv

Zipped .xml file (64 kb, no annotations): Pubarch-1-18-2015-xml


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And if you want to learn more about how I planned to use this database in my dissertation and what I ended up learning, read more about my dissertation project here.