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Part of my dissertation project involves building a database of community-based archaeology products, anything which resulted from a project where restructuring power relationships in the research encounter was a goal. I started with a database of broader public archaeology references and am now combing systematically through publications, conference proceedings, and the like for more information.

So, where do I find community-based archaeology? Where should I look to build a representative sample of work that has been done in this research area?

Let me preface my initial list by saying I know it is impossible to find everything. But certain venues seem like obvious choices to start from.

Here’s what I’m working through so far:


  • Society for American Archaeology (SAA)
  • World Archaeological Congress (EAA)
  • European Association of Archaeologists (EAA)
  • Australian Archaeological Association (AAA)
  • Chacmool (U Calgary)
  • Archaeological Institute of America / American Philological Association (AIA / APA or SCS)

Journals: (Handy master list here)

  • Collaborative Anthropologies (U of Nebraska Press)
  • World Archaeology
  • American Indian Quarterly
  • Journal of Community Archaeology and Heritage (Maney)
  • Archaeologia Publica “AP”
  • International Journal of Heritage Studies
  • Journal of Social Archaeology
  • Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory
  • Journal of Anthropological Archaeology
  • Public Archaeology
  • Archaeologies (WAC)
  • American Antiquity (SAA)
  • Australian Archaeology (AAA)
  • Historical Archaeology (SHA)

Aggregated shared documents by scholars online:

Related bibliographies to mine: (on top of publication bibliography mining!)

I’m sure I’m suffering from geocentrism here as an American trained exclusively in my own country, despite my conscious efforts to collaborate across international borders. What are the top journals your country’s archaeologists publish in? Conferences you go to? Let me know via email or through my submission form.

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