Monthly Archives: March 2015

Why I publicly identify as a feminist archaeologist

I use this blog and social media to discuss my archaeology career in what I hope is a thoughtful, accessible way. On each of my profiles, I label myself a feminist. I am often reminded that being identifiable online can complicate future job searches, but lately I’ve been wondering if my feminist identification will do the same. […]

Field Hair 322

This week I’m completing the syllabus for the archaeological field school I am teaching starting in May, and it’s got me thinking about field attire. About a year ago, I participated in a women’s issues series on the CRM archaeology podcast where we discussed attire, behavior, and all sorts of things. […]

Loading a tablet for archaeology fieldwork

As you might know from my presence on Twitter and moderating Facebook presences for the SAA Public Archaeology Interest Group, World Archaeological Congress Student Committee, Community Archaeology Program, and Binghamton University Archaeological Field School, I am no stranger to using mobile devices to promote archaeology. My phone has been my best friend in […]