About the Author

Excavating at Villa delle Vignacce

I am an archaeologist with a background in public outreach, museum work, archaeological mapping and databases. I earned a PhD in anthropological archaeology at Binghamton University (Binghamton, New York) in 2018 after studying the development of community-based archaeologies for my dissertation. Outside my academic work, I enjoy all things related to cats, the liberal use of power tools, and crafting.

I have also started a digital and public archaeology consulting business, Heritech Consulting.

Email me at kate (dot) ellenberger @ gmail (dot) com (sorry for the format, I’m trying to evade the pesky spam robots!)


Curriculum Vitae


Resume (January 2021)

Curriculum Vitae (January 2021)

Selected Work and Research Experience with Links

Recent Accomplishments

(2020-present) Chemical Weapons Research Consortium, Collection management & community outreach

(2018-present) Environmental & Cultural Resource Logic LLC, Market research consultant

(2018-2019) Coalition for American Heritage, Advocacy Data Coordinator (see announcement of advocacy database project and conference events supporting this project)

(2018) Completed PhD! “Perception and Practice: Doing Public Archaeology” available Open Access through ProQuest

(2017) “Old Bones Daily” virtual newspaper project for The Heritage Jam with Shawn Graham



(2019) Kate Ellenberger and Lorna-Jane Richardson “Reflecting on evaluation in public archaeology” Arqueologia Publica. *Open Access*

(2019) 01.7 [formerly 01.9] The Human Problem (and assorted other editing and writing in the volume), The Open Digital Archaeology Textbook  *Open Access*

(2018) Lorna-Jane Richardson, Matt Law, J. Andrew Dufton, Kate Ellenberger, Stuart Eve, Tom Goskar, Jessica Ogden, Daniel Pett, and Andrew Reinhard “Day of Archaeology 2011-2017: Global Community, Public Engagement, and Digital Practice” Internet Archaeology 47 https://doi.org/10.11141/ia.47.10 *Open Access*

(2017) Kate Ellenberger “Virtual and Augmented Reality in Public Archaeology Teaching” Advances in Archaeological Practice 5(3):305-309. https://doi.org/10.1017/aap.2017.20  *Open Access*

Blog Contributions

(2017) “Cemeteries and their Living Communities, and Archaeology” for Day of Archaeology

(2013) “Margaret Conkey: Feminist Archaeology Pioneer” for Trowelblazers


Public Outreach and Education

(2017) Invited Instructor, Winter Zoo School, Ross Park Zoo, Binghamton, NY

(2015-2017) Coordinator, Vestal Historic Cemetery Documentation and Mapping Project

(2012-2015) Instructor, Community Archaeology Program for Teens, Public Archaeology Facility

(2013) Student Day Mentor, 78th Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archaeology

(2008-2009) Lead researcher, Building Community through Archaeology project, Western Washington University and Lummi Nation


Digital Archaeology

(2015-2016) Participant, Institute on Digital Archaeology Method and Practice, Michigan State University and National Endowment for the Humanities (See my monthly progress blogs here.)

(2012-2014) Co-Creator, Visible Storage Tablet Tour and Display, Binghamton University Art Museum

(2010-2012) “Scales of Visibility at a Chacoan Outlier: The Visual World of the People at Kin Klizhin”[PDF], Masters Thesis

(2008-2009) Three-dimensional modeling of the Ferndale archaeological site [DOC], capstone project for Geographic Information Systems Minor

(2008) GIS and Remote Sensing in Archaeology Field School, Arizona State University and Center for American Archeology — Capstone paper: “Geophysical Remote Sensing and Archaeological Data at the Mound House Site (11GE7)”


Documentation and Management of Collections

(2013-2014) Curator and public program coordinator, Vestal Museum

(Summer 2011) Lab research and education intern, Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

(2010-2011) Graduate research assistant and GIS data manager, lab of Dr. Ruth Van Dyke, Binghamton University

(2008) Collection and research intern, Lynden Pioneer Museum

(2006-2007) Northwest Coast Archaeology lab assistant, Western Washington University

(2005) Artifact cataloguing assistant, Earthwatch Institute and University of Massachusetts Boston


Professional Conference Participation

2018 Paper, “Teaching the Possibilities and Politics in Digital Artifact Representations using Virtual Reality and 3D Printing” (Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting)

2018 Paper, “Developing Digital Identity and Student Opportunities in a Public Archaeology Degree Program”, co-author Katie Seeber (Society for Historical Archaeology Annual Meeting)

2018 Session Organizer, “Motivations and Community in Public Archaeology Evaluation” (Society for Historical Archaeology Annual Meeting)

2017 Online Presentation, “Institutional Pressures on Theory and Practice in #pubarch”[PDF] (Public Archaeology Twitter Conference)

2015 Paper, “Satisfying and reflecting on the urge to evaluate in public archaeology”, co-author Lorna-Jane Richardson (Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting)

2015 Session Organizer, “Assessing Outcomes in Public Archaeology: Imperatives, Perils, and Frameworks”

2013 Paper, “Chaco ‘Culture’ and the Kin Klizhin ‘Community’: Estimating Human Relationships in Southwest Archaeology” [PDF] (Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting)

2012 Paper, “Feminist Archaeology: The Intellectual Roots of Community-based Archaeology” [PDF] & “Visibility at a Chacoan outlier: Directed inward or projecting outward?” [PDF] (Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting)

2010 Paper, “Building Community through Archaeology: A Method for Indigenous Community Involvement in Archaeology on the Northwest Coast” [PDF] (Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting)

2008 Poster “Harpoon Points and Pendants of the Ferndale Site (45WH34)” [PDF] (Northwest Anthropology Conference)


Professional Service

(2015-present) Editorial Board Member, OpenContext Digital Archaeological Data Publishing

(2013-2016) Chair, Student Committee, World Archaeological Congress

(2012-2015) Social Media Lead, Public Archaeology Interest Group, Society for American Archaeology