Course Materials

I have taught and assisted multiple university courses in anthropology. On this page you will find selected course materials such as syllabi and exercises I have designed which I think could be helpful to other teachers. Feel free to use and modify these materials for your own teaching.

Archaeological Field School (ANTH 372/570)

Syllabus – Summer 2014

Syllabus – Summer 2015

Responsible Social Media Use Handout (PDF, 52 KB)

Field School Journal Assignment

Excavation Interpretation Assignment

Historic cemetery mapping project:

  • Cemetery Lesson Summary
  • Grave Recording Sheet (PDF, 14 MB)
  • Historic Graveyard Burial Information Spreadsheet

Introduction to (4-Field) Anthropology (ANTH 111, Writing Intensive)

Syllabus – Taught Spring 2013

Citation and Note-taking Methods Lesson:

Evolution versus Intelligent Design Debate Exercise

Social Inequality Simulation Exercise

Materiality of Gender Fishbowl Discussion