Disconnectedness is our shared challenge

Archaeology is what brings us together today for #blogarch. But what is your day job? Like, how do you put food on your table? There are so many job titles for people who identify as archaeologists. Field Technician. Professor. Museum curator. Digital archaeologist. Research scientist. Adjunct professor. Project director. Historical […]

Academic writing month

Coming up in the next couple weeks is academic writing month (#acwrimo) a spinoff of National novel writing month (#nanowrimo) hosted by PhD2Published. Last year my colleague Dr. Donna Yates started an open spreadsheet for heritage and archaeology folks so we could form a sort of support group. Being that […]

Typical Kate in makeup, long straight hair worn down, wearing purple earrings

How do I makeup

I am a girly girl. I wear dresses, I often wear makeup, and I have had many friends come to me asking for help with beauty products since starting grad school*. I am no Bianca Del Rio but I think I know a few things I can share. I noticed more […]

#pubarch session at 2016 SAA

Title: Assessing Outcomes in Public Archaeology: Imperatives, Perils, and Frameworks Sponsored by the SAA Public Archaeology Interest Group Organizer: Kate Ellenberger (Binghamton University)   ABSTRACT: Public archaeology is an important means of advocacy and ethical practice for many archaeologists. In planning and seeking funding for such work, archaeologists consider the […]

Where is Community-based Archaeology 1

Part of my dissertation project involves building a database of community-based archaeology products, anything which resulted from a project where restructuring power relationships in the research encounter was a goal. I started with a database of broader public archaeology references and am now combing systematically through publications, conference proceedings, and the like for […]

Social media at conferences: Beyond live-tweeting

As the activities of this year’s Social Media Task Group (a focus group within the Public Archaeology Interest Group of the Society for American Archaeology – a mouthful, I know!) wrap up, I have been sharing some of the fruits of our labor, such as this Social Media Guide to the […]