Three-Dimensional Site Model (2009)

For the final project of my Geographic Information Systems undergraduate minor (a two-year program), I revisited site maps from excavations in the 1970s directed by Dr. Garland Grabert which were difficult for later archaeologists to interpret. I spent several months analyzing the original profiles and a stratigraphic analysis by Nichole Gillis for her M.A. research. I then used ArcGIS, Adobe Photoshop, and Google SketchUp to create the first GIS maps of the excavation and a three-dimensional model displaying my best estimate of the profiles’ original locations in three-dimensional space.


Poster summarizing my project. Click any of the below images to zoom.

Screenshot of the 3D model in SketchUp.

Site Model

Close-up of two stratigraphic profile drawings within the 3D model in SketchUp.

Excavation Unit Corner