Bibliography of Public Archaeology (2013-2016)

As part of my dissertation work, I expanded a bibliography of published public archaeology literature originated┬áby Dr. Carol McDavid, Dr. Chris Matthews, Dr. Patrice Jeppson, and their colleagues during Wenner Gren workshop grant. The condition of my using this work has been that I make this content available to others. Although I will not share the original (that is for Dr. McDavid and her co-authors to choose), on this page I will post digital copies of the versions of this bibliography I’ve created through systematic review, content coding, and surveying related scholarly publications. I plan to perform maintenance on my version every few years and I welcome additions to this list!

If you’d like to request a different format of this document for your use, please email me.

I would like to make it possible for people to edit and annotate works directly and in public someday if I can gather the resources to make it happen.

Zipped .bib file (64 kb, export from Mendeley, includes annotations by various authors): PubArch-11-30-2014

Zipped .csv file (46 kb, no annotations): Pubarch-1-18-2015-csv

Zipped .xml file (64 kb, no annotations): Pubarch-1-18-2015-xml

And if you want to learn more about how I planned to use this database in my dissertation and what I ended up learning, read more about my dissertation project here.