Read This: Anne Pyburn’s Principles for Community Engagement 1

Learning from elders is invaluable and this document is a prime example. Dr. Pyburn has made publicly available a set of principles for community engagement gleaned from her 25 years of community oriented archaeology. Here is a preview:

The Prime Directive Principle 
 A respectful relationship is the foundation of genuine collaboration. Refusing to discuss points of disagreement is not respectful, it is patronizing. To develop a respectfulrelationship across a cultural gap requires honest engagement, therefore anystakeholder has the right and the obligation to question my motives and values; I havethe same rights and obligations to question the motives and values of any stakeholder.This is not Star Trek.
The PhD Principle
Extant reconstructions of the past developed in academic settings are pertinent toacademic settings; promoting an elite-focused, cultural evolutionary, patriarchal, technology and violence shaped reconstruction of the past to “educate” a local community is colonialism.


Go read what each of them mean.

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