From the Web: Sharing Tips and Tricks for Engaging the Public- SHA Conference


Sharing Tips and Tricks for Engaging the Public- SHA Conference

Posted on October 20, 2015



Seattle 2015 Logo There was a really great session at the 2015 SHA conference in which people only presented for 3 minutes each on the topic of engaging the public. This session was run by Bernard K. Means.

The session abstract:

“Are you at a loss for how to interest the public in your museum or archaeological site? Do you risk losing the public’s short attention span with static outreach programs? This session features a lightning-fast (3 minute) series of presentations from a broad range of archaeologists who interact with the public in a wide variety of settings. The participants share time-honored as well as innovative techniques designed to engage the public over the short- and long-term in field and laboratory settings.”

So if you are interested in tips and tricks to engage with the public please enjoy these short videos by some great archaeologists:

Becky O’Sullivan:


Bernard Means:


Build a Archaeology Site:


Elizabeth Bollwerk:


James Gibb:


Joe Bagley:


Jennifer Poulsen:


Karen Price:


Kari Jones:


Mark Freeman:


Scott Williams:


Stefan Woehlke:


If you are interested in more conference videos check out Recording Archaeology and subscribe there to receive updates when more videos become available.

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