PhD lifestyle

Exercise for the chair-ridden

Over the past few weeks, since becoming funemployed and working at home exclusively, it’s been a bit challenging to keep up with fitness. Sitting in a chair for too many hours a day, stuck indoors in an area with no sidewalks and single-digit (F) temperatures, my back has been rather […]

Surviving doctoral exams

A friend of mine is taking her doctoral exams soon and asked for advice. I told her I’d write a blog post with what worked for me. The truth is, all you need is to put yourself in turbo like you have every finals week since beginning graduate school. But […]

Delayed adultfriendshiphood

Tonight, after a day full of learning a new artifact cataloguing system for my job, and a night of errands and playing bar trivia, a lot is running through my head. Most days I think about where I’m going and how I’ll make this career work for me; today I’m […]